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Sober October Anyone? | MaeveMadden

Sober October Anyone?

  • Hi Queens,

    Have decided to sober October again this year if anyone wants to join me for moral support?! I love a couple of glasses of prosexy on a weekend but my issue is with the amount of extra snacks I eat when having a few drinks. I always end up picking at plates of crackers and cheese or big bowls of crisps and dips so I've decided to cut it out for the month and hope I see some progress in my journey. 

    It's definitely not healthy and I'm definitely not hungry its just become a habit. I always feel so sluggish on a Sat and Sun morning after all that fizz and salt! 

    Come on help a Queen out and join in and see how we feel?!!


  • @Ciara Franklin hi Ciara, I am doing sober October at least until someone maybe comes to visit here ot there is a big celebration.  I also feel the same, especially after August September I always find the summer months at home tend to involve a lot more socialising, bbqs and just those gorgeous summer nights of drinking.

    I am glad of the humidity here as it makes sitting outside at night a tad uncomfortable & also its harder and way more expensive to buy alcohol here.


    So we are on day 4 woohoo, actually, the first weekend is always the hardest and we did it.  I did go out for dinner and I had a mocktail which was pear, yuzo and soda water, it was rather delicious.. Yay ..

    I think it's great, sometimes it's just nice to give the body a break...

  • @Ciara Franklin I am so trying to cut down - like yourself the snacks... lets do this!

  • Can't do a sober October because it's my birthday month and I have two vacations 😊 but I really would like to cut back on my drinking so will follow along for tips!!!

  • Ah great @Dee Synnott ! I will really miss a glass of prosecco while watching strictly! Will need to do some low sugar mocktail ideas if anyone has any!! @Maeve Madden that sounds delicious!

    Going to do a little picky plate with veggies and hummus to avoid the crisps and nuts and cheese overload for the weekend but defintely need Mocktail Inspo!!

    First weekend down and I had to take the kids to early Basketball practice on Sunday morn so I was glad of no fizz headache! 

    Think Planning things to do Sat and Sun morning early helps too as it always feels better to have a clear head. I usually take weekends off QDQ but I am going to do a class early Sat Morn to keep that motivatuon!!

  • @Ciara Franklin The Saturday HIIT class is excellent! Really sets you up for the day!

  • @Ciara Franklin well done, one weekend down! Thinking of trying alcohol free wine or Prosecco this week 😎

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