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No visible progress... | MaeveMadden

No visible progress...

  • Hey queens! Just wondering if anyone has felt like they cant see their progress on the outside?

    I've been consistent now for four months, I dont eat much take aways/processed food/alcohol, I'm doing 4 workouts a week, water, sleep etc....I'm doing all the right things.....I just got up on the scales for the first time since summer and my grand total of weight loss is 3lbs. The reason I got on the scales was because I bought a dress yesterday for around Christmas time, I had hoped to be able to do a photo for my progress post given how much work I put in, I thought I'd see some change, but the dress is the same size, same fit, same areas I hate🙈 I just felt like nothing has changed at all.

    Dont get me wrong, if I feel my thigh or upper arm I can feel muscle but that unfortunately doesn't make me look better! I guess I'm just disappointed, I'm working so hard and today I'm very deflated. 

    Was four months an unrealistic timeframe? 

  • @Melissa Reilly Aww queen you are doing so well, try not to feel too disheartened. Everyone's progress is different. The last challenege I did was the one leading up to summer and I saw a weight gain (according to my scales), I gained so much strength and didn't really appreciate it until now when I'm struggling to finish classes I whizzed through then. You'll get to where you want to be just keep swimming 🐟

  • @Megan Hunter thank you! I did the summer challenge and had given myself a very short timeframe for change so I moved the posts to xmas and now that its three weeks out again I expected change🙄

    I told my sister and fellow queen how crap I felt today and even offloading felt better! You are totally tight, keep moving forward, even if it's just a little bit right now❤

  • Hi Melissa-

    I know that feeling too and it's the worst.  BUT, you sound like you are doing things in a way that's going to be something that you can maintain, which is the most important thing and what will give you results in the long run!  You should be super proud of your consistency, especially because I know you haven't been feeling the best and also injured your ankle I think?  So the fact that you have still been doing your workouts is amazing and you should celebrate that!!

  • @Melissa Reilly what kind of workouts are you doing? Maybe you could try more strength if you have been doing HIIT? I know I was feeling a bit crappy about not losing weight last time but I changed up what I was doing and focused more on strength and saw a change. Everyone's body is different, you've got this. Like Krissy said you're doing it in the best way rather than silly fad diets, it'll make it all the sweeter when you get there. 

  • Thanks ladies! Krissy I've  a bad back🙈dreaded arthritis, think you had problems with your knee? We were both injured at the same time during the last challenge! 

    So I cant really fo much of the jumping around, I try to do one total body, one upper, one lower and then full body again, two/three rest days and go again. 

    Megan, like you I struggle with motivation sometimes! And in fairness I felt quite positive about taking the consistent,slower route until I tried on that stupid dress🤦‍♀️ I just need to get one workout done and get back into it....

  • Don't let one dress get you down!!!  That is only one thing and not the only way to measure progress!  Just keep doing the right things and you will see a payoff! 💕💕

  • @Melissa Reilly Only seeing this - Melissa I've no doubt you have changes but not seeing them yourself. Either way mentally and physically does the power of good dx 

  • @Melissa Reilly good on you for being so consistent! You've achieved so much so give yourself credit for that!! Progress can feel slow sometimes but focus on your amazing achievements you've showed up every week for yourself! I hate the scales they can deflate you in a heartbeat so try not to let it get you down x

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