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Favourite songs | MaeveMadden

Favourite songs

  • How about Usher - Yeah! Calvin Harris? Will think of others. 

  • I love don't cha, crazy in love, satisfaction all the old cheesy classics like the Vegas bus🤗@Maeve Madden would barbie girl work with reps ?  Enjoyed today new routine my scissors and jack coordination is going to need a bit of work. Did 3 of ur workouts today don't think il have trouble sleeping 😴 🌶 x

  • Moloko sing it back

    Madison Avenue don't call me baby 

    Modjo lady hear me tonight 

    Spiller Groovejet

    Daft Punk one more time 


    bascially all the summer songs that remind me of going out partying as a young thing!

  • @Maeve Madden What about...

    Flo Rida Wild One 😜 

    Rythm of the night 🌙 

    Cascada- every time we touch 🤝

    Set you free 😎


  • @Maeve Madden

    take me to the clouds above 🌥

  • @Laura C Love all these songs! All feel good music 

  • Team Queen.... after doing the Titamium workout that last few sessions. i owe you all an apology for ever suggesting this as a routine. its a KILLER!!! 😅😅😅

  • Ushers YEAH pleasssse and Rihanna rude boy or we found love!

  • @Maeve Madden i actually love all the resistance band songs they are fun and challenging 🔥🔥🔥

  • @Maeve Madden a few more possibilities for u.

    Jump - Girls Aloud

    Uptown Funk 

    Bang bang - Jessie J Ariana & nicki minaj


  • @Maeve Madden fire ball and mood ring two of my new favs 🔥

  • BTS - Dynamite

    Miley Cyrus - Born to run


    Keep hearing these and thinking they'd make great TQ songs @Maeve Madden

    And not current but a classic feel good song for me is 'Came here for Love' by Sigala + Ella Eyre. Never fails to make me jump around and smile!

  • Sia and David Guetta have a fab new song called  Let's Love. It's a tune.

  • Beyonce - 7/11?? always makes me feel fierce when i listened to it in the gym. Could be a good beat for a leg burner?? :D

  • Hey Maeve, I think JLo - Get right would be an ultimate spicy song for the Lean Legs 2.0 class 🌶🌶 you could definitely make a spicy routine to that song 🙌🏻

  • @Audrey Browne that was a cool down song on one of the routines wasn't it?? I loved it!!

  • Hey queens, not sure if any of these songs are any use but I'll pop them in here anyways. I think some would be better for abs than routines 😂💕 I like to run to some of these so thought they might be good 

    Danza Kudoro - Don Omar, Lucenzo 

    Ugly Heart, G.R.L

    Long Time No See, Wild Youth 

    Wellerman - Sea Shanty, Nathan Evans 

    Sax- Fleur East 

    Give me Everything- Pitbull & Ne-yo

    That's not my Name- The Ting Tings 

    Paint the Town Green - The Script 

    When I Grow Up - The Pussycat Dolls 

    I could probably go on for hours lol 😂



  • Hey @Maeve Madden  the new Justin Bieber album has some good songs, Hold On and Peaches have a good beat x

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