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BOOK CLUB. | MaeveMadden


  • Hey Queens.


    I have decided to bring the shared joy of reading to our Forum, with our very own online book club.  

    While reading itself may be a solitary activity, there’s no denying the great joy that comes from sharing our reactions to a good, or indeed bad, books. 

    since @Liz Stevens began the conversation on the Forum about a week ago, she has picked this months book.

    Shoe Dog by Phil Knight. 

    Surprisingly, to myself, I actually do have this book.  I wont lie, I am not a huge reader and have only read the first chapter but it is definitly something I would like to challenge myself to do. 

    Reading can be an incredible hobbie to embark upon, it is an amazing way to over come stress, focus on ourselves, break away from social media and screens and improve sleep.

    Happy Reading my Queens  

  • Ooo yasss I've been waiting for the book club announcement! 😊 Such a fabulous idea and what a wonderful start with such a fab book! Can't wait to get involved 📚

  • @Georgie Dillon I know, very excited woohooo.... When I bought this book I actually flew through the first 3 chapters, but then of course, I sat it down and forgot so im excited I have a new challenge to work towards.

  • Ah brill! Really looking forward to this. I've actually wanted to be part of a book club for years so this is just fab!

  • @Maeve Madden I adore reading gutted I won't b able to join in for a few weeks as I'm studying for my Pilates Certification. Enjoy though. Cant wait to catch up with ye. 

  • I'm just about to start a new book.i borrowed off friend but will defo join in for next 1. I just got back into reading myself, I head to bed after kids now, just to read! 

  • @Maeve Madden Yay I can't to be part of book club. Thanks Liz

  • Ah brilliant - I'll get this ordered! I struggle to read but knowing that the other queens are reading it too, and having a deadline to finish it by, should motivate me 👍🏻

  • Aw yay I've literally just bought & started reading this after it was mention the other wk, only a few chapters in interest so far. Happy reading everyone 

  • So excited for this!! Downloading to get it started tonight 😊😊 x

  • I think I'd really struggle to read this as it's not really my cup of tea, so going to give this month a miss.. but will keep an eye out for next month's book!  (And also what you all thought of this one) 👑 

  • So looking forward to reading and discussing this! And would love to recommend Glennon Doyle's Untamed for a future book! 

  • Just ordered, I've. wanted to join a book club for ages!!😆

  • Oh this is so exciting I read all the time every night for an hour if I can. I'm nearly finished my current one will defo download this one! I'm so excited for this :)

  • @Maeve Madden This is such a great idea 👍 A book I’d like to recommend for the future is Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer. In the meantime - Happy Reading everyone - I’ve just bought the first book to read x

  • @Beverley Magowan brilliant im going to start today.  would love to know how many of us are doing book club 

  • @Maeve Madden I think everyone will agree with me with I say ‘Team Queen’ is so much more than a bunch of work outs - it’s a great community of ladies who have each other’s back! Thank you so much for bringing us all together xx

  • The postman has just delivered my book!  Looking forward to starting it later today. Cup of coffee & relax in the sunshine 😎

  • @Beverley Magowan OH YOUR SO SO VERY WELCOME .  i just love all my online friends here, great fun 

  • @Deirdre Mooney oh Deirdre, im gonna take a wee break now myself and pop outside for 20 min read.. Queening the selfcare on a monday 

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