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Hair Supplements | MaeveMadden

Hair Supplements

  • Good Morning 👑👑


    Do any of you lovely ladies take hair supplements? I have thin lifeless hair and was wondering if there is a supplement out there that can help?

    @Maeve Madden you have the most gorgeous hair, do you take any supplements?


    Thanks Queens and Happy Friday 🤩💓

  • @Sam Bowns Happy Friday Queens, I have been graced with the thickest head of hair so i am not the correct person to help, im afraid. Im sure some of the queens will be able to help though!!! I agree, Maeves hair is just fabulous!!!!!! 

  • @Sam Bowns I am the same - but I have just learnt to live with it! Tried loads of different things - protein shampoos, hair gummies etc but nothing seems to do very much. I have however seen a difference since lockdown - i wash my hair only twice a week, use a oil hair mask once a week and literally never use heat on it anymore! It's been a lovely break for my hair and i really do think that has helped give it a bit more life.

    I don't think i will ever have Maeve's luscious locks but you have to work with what you've got!

  • @Carmel Mulvany oh Carmel I am sooooo jealous! It's having kids that's ruined my hair 🤣 I blame them haha xx

  • @Tori Clarke me too Tori, I've only been washing twice a week and have actually notice a difference, I might try a mask too. I've been taking collagen supplements, my hair seems to of grown quick but I'm after the thickness 🤣 I do need to drink more water and eat more veggies maybe that will help too xx

  • I've heard Revive Active Beauty Complex being recommended before- it is for hair, skin and nails. Never used it though so can't personally comment on it, but maybe someone else here as and can!

    The description on it is:

    With a powerful blend of collagen, hyaluronic acid (HLA), phytoceramides and antioxidants Beauty Complex is scientifically formulated to nourish hair, nails, teeth and gums while contributing to anti ageing and healthy looking skin. 

  • @Sharon Scully ooh I like the sound of this Sharon, I will look it up 🤩 thank you 💓 xx

  • @Sam Bowns 🤣🤣🤣 i used to hate my thick hair when I was younger but i realised as I got older that having light hair affected so many women!!!! 

  • @Sam Bowns Our Pilates teacher @Sinead Corcoran had a story up on her instagram asking hairdressers to share advice so keep on eye on that, I know I will be! There seems to be some conflicting evidence with supplements, I think it is usually best to get these things from your diet naturally.  I have always had quite thin hair and have suffered with some hair loss over the last few years.  I think hair has halped a lot for me... trying not to wash too often, limiting heat and being careful with products.  Some products weigh down our light hair so much and nearly make it even more lifeless?!! 😅

    Those silk hair wraps are supped to be good for limiting breakage overnight as well.

    Hopefully Sinead will get some useful tips she can share with us on IG!

  • @Niamh Burke Hi Niamh! Thank you I shall look out for an update 💓. I'm always worried to use a mask of even use heat protectant as it can make my hair feel greasy.


    thanks Niamh, have a great weekend xx

  • Hey Sam

    I have super thin hair that takes ages to grow, I can't advise on supplements but I have started using the Luna shampoo (the detox one) and then not using a conditioner, just a bit of treatment at the end and its making a big difference to the health of my hair!

    Hope this helps, not supplements but would recommend!




  • Hey girls! I'm currently studying medicine and I always took hair, skin and nail supplements religiously until one of the doctors told me that those vitamins and tablets that are sold only tend to work if you're deficient in a specific vitamin- otherwise the ingredients are very non-specific and there is no saying if your body will use them to help with hair growth or not. Basically there is very limited evidence to say they work and some of them cost an absolute bomb. Instead try to figure out the cause of your hair thinning as it could be hormones, stress etc causing it. Hope this helps!xx

  • *sitting back and listening to all the tips*

    This is the exact same problem I have. Plus my hair is very oily so it is near impossible to only wash twice a week especially doing workouts. The best I have found that I can do is three times a week. I did just start using Prose which is supposedly customized to your exact problems (mine being fine, oily, bleached hair). So far I have no complaints but I've only used it 3 times and it says to give yourself about 5 washes before you start noticing much. I also take collagen daily, which I've noticed the same thing, @Sam Bowns , where the growth has enhanced but not much about the volume. I've found that it is definitely something that I will just have to deal with but I WILL continue to spend lots of money on my hair with 0 to little results 😂

  • @Sam Bowns Hi Sam, I've had the same question for such a long time! I switched to a veggie diet (at first not much protein) and had increased stress in my day to day life all which added I think to thinning hair. For 4 months now I've been taking a hair supplement from JS health ( the founder is a registered nutritionist) and honestly I think it has helped so much. My hair feels so much thicker and shinier! I buy the supplements on repeat so you get a discount- Obviously it's very individual but I've tried loads of shampoos etc and this is what seems to work for me! For shampoo/conditioner I use body shop fuji green tea range- it's really light weight so I dont get a build up of product. Hope that helps!! 

  • @Carmel Mulvany MM hair is absolute goals, one day I will make my hair will be like that haha!

  • @Rachel Atkinson thank you so much Rachel, that's great 💓 I'll try anything 🤣 thank you for the tips 😘 xx

  • @Meadbh McSweeney thank you lovely I'll shall give the shampoo a try 🤩 xx

  • @Hannah Shackles 🤣🤣 I dread to think how much I've spent 🤣. I think I need accept its not going to get thicker haha xx

  • @Sam Bowns Good ole' genetics 😅

  • @Rachel Atkinson in my dreams only i think for me, I'd never have the patience to grow my hair again..... but if hairdressers stay closed for much longer I may just have to 🤣😍🤣

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