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Foot pain | MaeveMadden

Foot pain

  • Girls anyone else suffering for pain recently? I think it's because I have stepped up to the advance moves like the shuffles so doing more jumping/impact on my toes. Had to take a rest day today as loads of pain through my big toe when walking and want to make sure I fit to start the new challenge!💪 Think I may (sadly) skip out on thee HIit party tomorrow and just do some upper/core for the next too days. 

    any tips/advice or anyone had the same issues? 🤔Hoping it's just from the new moves! 

  • @Ciara Franklin Oh no, so sorry to hear that. I've not suffered similar so can't advise really (sorry!) but hopefully someone else here will be able to. I wear the super reps and the toes are quite well padded out and they have the break for the types of moves for like burpees, lunges etc so I find they really help with avoiding pain. 

  • @Sharon Scully I have the super reps but the original super rep gos not the ones with the break in them so may need to consider that if it continues! Are they the super rep zoom? May just have to make a little purchase the next time there is a Nike discount.
    Thanks so much for the suggestion!!

  • @Ciara Franklin Aaah that should have been my first question to ask do you have super-reps (but didn't want you feeling bad if you didn't!!) - the toes are relatively the same actually so I wouldn't say they would make too much of a difference. See how the bit of rest goes, but I wouldn't leave it too long to ring a physio or the like if it doesn't improve. Fingers crossed for you! 

  • Thanks Sharon! Yes decided to invest in them when I started QDQ last challenge as I wanted to make sure I was looking after my joints! Ah now you've ruined my excuse to treat myself to new pair! 🤣 
    Your right though rest for a few days and then see how it feels! X

  • @Ciara Franklin They are such a good investment- I was the same with trying to avoid joint pain as used to get pains in my calves during the Venga Bus and couldn't be going gentle on that haha! 

    The new versions are so good, feel like they've even more cushioning and they don't have the tight fit across the feets like the originals had, so tbh I managed to convince myself the last time there was a Nike sale that I needed them!!! 🙈🙈🙈🙈 I got 20% off in the sale, and I paid for them with Revolut which does a further 6% rewards back

  • @Ciara Franklin ugh I have the same! The inside of my foot and pad of the big toe really bother me on one foot if I do too much jumping around or too many of the cardio classes 🤦🏿‍♂️ 

    Is that where your pain is?The only thing that works for me is resting it and doing the low impact classes barefoot where I can.  Have the super rep go's since Jan but they are falling apart so they are being sent back but I'm not sure what else to go for! Need to get in to a shop and try on runners!! 

  • @Leonie Mcnulty oh leonie that sounds like the exact same thing as me. Pain is between my big toe and the next one and down the arch by my big toe. There is no pain to touch my foot only with I move it to step on it. And only on one foot. Thought maybe it may be from the jumping or maybe from twisting on it in the boxing type moves maybe? 🤷‍♀️ 
    Looks like a bit of rest from the cardio workouts is in order. But glad it's just my foot and means I don't have to stop totally!! 
    Is yours ok now or still bothering you? 

  • @Ciara Franklin aw Queen thats awful & so uncomfortable. Always remember to land gently on ur feet don't come down on them with a thud. Land on ur toes then ur heels. Don't land flat footed. Also as u have moved up to advanced moves take them slowly let ur body get used to the progression. Build up to ur reps Ciara, don't feel u have to get in all the reps, get the moves right & the reps will follow, therfore avoiding any injury. Make sure that toes are not crushed in ur shoes, pins & needles in ur toes can be a sign that they are. Finallygive ur feet a good soak & massage to help destress them. In fairness they r constantly on the go 😅. I hope u got some help from this doll. Feel better sn. 👑👑👑❤️❤️❤️

  • @Ciara Franklin yeaaah that sounds the same I think! Mine actually does go very red and sore to do anything with when it's bad!! Ya I feel like the pain comes on when I'm twisting about on it and landing ect. Audrey that's such great advice I think I am abit hard on my landings 😂 I think I'm in the wrong shoes to be honest it's like every second pair I buy I can't wear it's so annoying. 👹 I'm on the nike website again this eve.🙈 The strength classes are fine though! just really the hiit classes I have backed off them a good bit and actually haven't had it bad in the last 2/3 weeks since I eased off! Hopefully the rest works for you too! 🤞

  • @Ciara Franklin wishing you a speedy recovery ciara, unfortunately I can't advise any remedies but rest!! Xx

  • @Ciara Franklin oh no Ciara, I'm so sorry to hear that and I hope you feel better super soon 💕. I was in a lot of pain last week with my calf and toe and I think it was because of the Irish dancing. Definitely a lot of rest! I gave myself a 3 day rest which I very rarely do and it did me the world of good, try and take it easy and just listen to your body, hope you have a speedy recovery 💕💕💕

  • @Clíodhna Weafer Smith oh I never thought of the Irish dancing you could be 100% right there actually now I think about it!! I was a bit over enthusiastic with my 123's! Yes rest rest rest for the rest of the weekend and I'll be ready to hit the new challenge!! 
    thanks@Carmel Mulvany  I miss the classes already and it's only been 24hrs 🤣🤣

  • YES! I have sore feet and get pain in my calves too. To be honest I've had to start doing the workouts barefoot because the super reps made the calf pain worse for me but I think now my feet are suffering. I've got the FIIT mat and thick carpet but my feet aren't happy lol so may try the new super reps that people say are less tight. 

  • @Laura C I just bought speed reps .. have never heard of them but they look good and cushioned and says they are for high intensity and burpees and planks so fingers crossed ,🤞🤞🤞 def think it's all down to the right shoes for you!! So hard buying when you can't try on anything 🤦🏿‍♂️

  • Hi ladies,

    I actually had the same pain ... More from my big toe and down along the inside of my foot. I hurt my back and mentioned the pain to my physio....can't remember what she said it was but suggested using a golf ball to massage the area. It's worked a treat for me anyway. She also suggested standing right up on my tippy toes. Not saying it will work but might help. Def say it to a physio if you can. 

  • @Aoife Flynn all suggestions welcome! I have one of those massage peanuts and that has definitely helped rolling my foot over and back on it. Feeling so so much better after resting it the past few days too so am looking forward to the amazing new timetable for tomorrow!!! 
    What do you mean standing right on your tippy toes? As a stretch? Interested to know more now🤣

  • @Ciara Franklin lol! It's more like a stretch to do during the day... I googled it to see if I could find the one she was saying...https://www.skimble.com/exercises/1080-tippy-toes-how-to-do-exercise

    But you have to go right up on your tippy toes... I was doing it wrong. So I could only do it for a few secs and then back down again.

    I'm so looking forward to this challenge. My back has been at me and my motivation has been so low since January so I need a serious kick up the butt!

  • @Aoife Flynn thanks so much for that going to check it out! I Avoided any of the exercise on my toes in this mornings class and was still pretty spicy!! Mind your back though have to be so so careful with it!! 
    am so buzzed for this new challenge! I have exams in June so was considering not joining but the FOMO was too much. And I feel like I'll need the break of physical exercise from studying so I'm in! 

  • @Ciara Franklin you're so right. Exercise always makes you feel better mentally! 

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