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Help!! | MaeveMadden


  • Hi

    does anyone have any advice on how I can do this when I want to but something is stopping me? I want to cut back on wine days, eating crap and start exercising but I don't!!!!

  • Hey there,  I gave up booze actually about four years ago!   I started with a 30 day challenge and thought that would be it but kept going.  

    As for the getting going question - I think its about towards and away from motivation - you need to want it badly enough.  So you are either moving away from something that causes you alot of pain or towards something that you are really striving for.....have you got a big goal - something to look forward to and drives you on?  Whats your WHY?  Without one then the wine witch and crisp monster will always win out.  


  • @Sinéad Tiernan that's amazing, well done! I have so many things I want but I think my D and A makes it harder for me to get there 😢

  • @Joanne Latham I am probably showing my ignorance now but what is D and A?   If you need any tips - I am here for you Queen xxx

  • Hey Joanne,

    Do not fear! I've been there, it can be quiet difficult. Would you try swapping out your alcohol with non alcoholic wines/beers. Have it with dinner? Cut the white wine as its loaded on sugar.

    Look at your meals during the day? Is it enough? Are you restricting yourself? Make swaps to dark chocolate, smoothies for the sweet tooth. Small changes over time.

    Also I found I did one shop a week and I did put in chocolate or ice lollies to have throughout the week. Don't shop hungry either so you're less inclined to pick up sugar loaded stuff. You will get there.

    Also, I'm keeping myself accountable with my sister during this summer challenge. I'm marking off the exercise one by one (not all) and sharing it with her. Do a beginner. Even if you do 15mins the first day and build on that xx

  • @Joanne Latham How exciting to start this new challenge for yourself! My advice would be to not try and change everything all at once. Completely agree with @Sinéad Tiernan with finding your WHY! One step at a time, maybe start with giving up alcohol Monday to Friday and treat yourself to a cheeky glass on a Saturday. If you strip yourself of everything, you'll just be miserable, feel hard done by and won't stick to it. Its about small subtle changes to your lifestyle and they become a habit. Most of all, enjoy your journey, keep us posted xxx😚

  • @Sinéad Tiernan Im not sure what D & A is either

  • @Joanne Latham Great advice from all the Girls, I actually did dry Feb the first week like when you start anything is always the hardest, but after that I loved the feeling of waking up fresh, less bloated and just feeling great.  I kept it up right into March but I have since started drinking again however a lot less and actually I think I may go dry again after easter.  Once you know the feeling its great.  As for the junk again myself personally find they end up going hand in hand when I drink crap I eat crap.. I switched a few things up, again main thing was not buying any junk at all with my main grocery which means I have to go to the shop but I love things like proper chips and pop corn as a snack.  Will defo touch on this on the nutrition talk with Jodie tomorrow

  • @Sinéad Tiernan it's depression and anxiety x

  • @Andrea McElroy thanks Andrea, I'll give it a go x

  • @Maeve Madden thanks Maeve. I feel so fat and ugly and just want to feel good again. Not sure I could manage going dry but I will have a go at not drinking in the week x

  • @Joanne Latham hey joanne it's really tough some days. Maybe try and promise yourself to just do 10 mins and then if u feel like u can keep going do, and if not that's ok too u did 10 mins. Hope you find your flow! 

  • @Joanne Latham hey Joanne, checking in. 😊 Hope you're feeling better as the week has progressed.

    I was diagnosed with D in December, I can understand the overwhelming feeling when it comes to change and the lack of motivation. It's very normal and you're not alone. I've taken to journaling when I feel I lack that drive in me and really asked myself the questions and challenged the feeling I am going to through. Also meds don't help with weight gain! But, I'd rather that then feeling so terribly lost.

    Thank you for being so honest and open, it can be hard at times. We got you! Xx

  • @Joanne Latham Hey Joanne, just read the thread and hope you're doing ok ❤️
    I really love stationary and sometimes find making a little week plan for myself with lots of colours can help with my motivation 😊 Trying to switch the focus from what you can't do to what you can also helps me (once I tell myself I can't have something I want it more!!).

    I've had a tough week this week with motivation and got some great tips for the Queens about not being too hard on yourself. Sometimes the first step is to be kind to yourself, starting with a face mask, a bath or some fresh air. It's really hard to break the negative cycle sometimes but know we are here rooting for you ❤️ 👑 xx

  • @Andrea McElroy it's so hard isn't it? My weight gain is since I had a breakdown and it's so hard to get going again but I am determined to start again today xx

  • @Joanne Latham and you will get there. Take one day at time I found that taking it a day at a time help and not getting caught up in a bigger picture. I found I could reset easier. 

    Let us know how you get on today ❤️ much love and support from me to you. X

  • @Andrea McElroy what brilliant advice. I think I want to try and control everything but then end up not being able to control anything, I going to stop drinking in the week and start exercising today XX 

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