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Week 3 - Done & Dusted | MaeveMadden

Week 3 - Done & Dusted

  • Well Queens, we did it again.  Another week smashed 🔥🔥🔥. I hope u had a great Week. Would u like to share how ur week went? Good or bad share it with us. Its all about support here Queens👑👑👑❤️❤️❤️

  • Week 3 for me was a good week. My workouts were very successful. I loved each & every one of them. I missed Traceys class unfortunately & I did not do the desk break class. Esther hip & heart is my next catch up which I am looking forward to that. All in all I did 17 classes, which I am pleased about but over the last few weeks I've bn thinking I might take it down & focusing more a certain classes, yet to be decided. Honestly we r sooooo lucky to have the selection of classes that we have. Seriously spoiled for choice. I've also started calorie counting this week 😲.  HELLO 😲 seriously that takes a bit of getting used to, 😅. But hopefully I'll stick it out. So yep that's me for week 3. Looking forward to the new Timetable. Here's wishing u all an amazing Week 4. Omg a month in already. 😲 👑👑👑❤️❤️❤️

  • @Audrey Browne Audrey you are smashing it as always queen! You're such an inspiration to us all ❤️ I've missed so many lives the past few weeks which annoys me the most because I feel like I'm missing the chats and the craic with all the lovely queens! Wasn't there such a selection this week oh my it was madness, I managed 10 classes (I think!) this week, the study guilt was hitting hard but once I get this week down I have more free time before my exams. Literally the thought of doing a workout is the only thing that gets me through my study!

    17 classes though Audrey! That is phenominal (I can't spell so that could be terrible spelling lol) you are a super queen! I managed to put so much energy into the workouts last week and I'm so proud of myself for making some of the early mornings, definitely a goal for this week is to make more of those early morning classes so I don't feel pressured in the evenings to chose between working out and study!

    I also got to meet up with a friend at the weekend with the restrictions easing and it was so nice to just be in the presence of another person who doesn't live in my house. We went for a lovely walk and it was definitely the highlight of my week! Can't wait to see what the new timetable is like, I struggle with picking there's so much choice though lol. Hopefully will see all the lpvely queens at a few lives xx

  • Oh my goodness well done Audrey! 17 classes is unreal!!!! 👏🏻👏🏻
    I did 7 and managed to get in a few walks also. I had been very tired due to being in medication recently but Friday night I felt my energy was back in class and I was delighted with that and I felt it Saturday morning too! 
    roll on week 4!!!! Feel so lucky to have found these classes and all you girls to keep me motivated!!!

  • OMG @Audrey Browne  17 classes!! Thats insane, good on you!! And starting your calorie counting,fair play, I dont think I would be able for that, actually think Id be terrified to see what I eat in a day 😅 I know I need to be better with my diet though, I am doing well with the exercise, just think I need to watch what I eat a bit more to see better results. I done 9 classes this week which I was really happy about. Caught a lot of the early morning lives too which I loved and felt it set me up for the day. There are soooo many classes to choose from, Id love to do them all! 

    I hope everyone has a great week 4 xxx

  • @Audrey Browne you are just amazing! Honestly don't know how you have the energy.  Very interested to hear how the calorie counting is going; I had posted last week about looking at my nutrition.  Like most plans it didn't actually go to plan!, some good days and some not so good days  🤦‍♀️ Still overall, I'm happy enough with how the week went.  Like you@Niamh Byrne I got to meet a couple of friends for a coffee and a walk, there may have been some cake 🍰 in there too 🤫 but so nice to interact with real physical people! Well done on the workouts they'll keep the happy hormones going to help you through the study, you'll smash it!

    @Ashley Jordan  and@Carol Tansley thats a serious amount of classes too, well done Queens 👸🏻 i'm trailing behind you all with only four workouts, but I am hoping to build up to a couple more as the challenge progresses. 
    Best of luck for the week ahead everyone xx 

  • @Deirdre Mooney 4 is fab Deirdre! We are all only doing our best and I think the fact that we juggle so much, work, kids, home life whatever our situations and still take time to keep ourselves fit is amazing and we should be proud of that! 

  • 17 classes Audrey, you are a warrior! Well done Queen 💪🏻🔥💪🏻🔥💪🏻🔥💪🏻🔥

  • @Audrey Browne oh audrey if you could bottle ur energy and post it to me, I'd be delighted!!! You are smashing this challenge but I knew you would! You are so strong and focused! Well done!!!

    Like @Niamh Byrne I was annoyed I didn't make any lives this wk.... always feel like I'm missing the fun!!! Gonna try to make some this wk, fingers crossed. I didn't get 4 classes done and I really struggle with that as I love them all so much! But I know I have to listen to Body and sometimes it's not easy to fit them all in.

    I'm trying to focus more on food the past few wks and eating healthier, wk always starts strong,  wkend not so much but ill keep on trying!

    Have a great wk ladies!! Xx

  • Wowzers @Audrey Browne  fair play on the 17 classes. Rockstar!

    I have been using My Fitness Pal since Christmas - have lost roughly 5 pounds but last little while have been in a viscous circle of losing the same 2 pounds and then putting them back on again week on week so I treated myself to the years Nutracheck app which I've been using for just over a week now and find much easier to navigate, find my food and work out portion sizes. They do a weeks free trial if you think it might help you on your journey.

    Last week I did 5 classes, but none live unfortunately. Francesca's Boot Burn was my Mon start, Tues I did Sexy Shoulders, Weds I did Combat Queen, Fri Fireball and then Tracey's Summer strong on Sat. So I was happy with that. Need to have a good luck at the timetable for the week and plan out this week.


  • Audrey you are on fire!! 🔥

    I managed 4 last week, but with a broken toe I was quite impressed I got that many done 😂

    Did 2 today I'm hoping to get 4-5 done this week. Harder when they aren't all live as I feel less motivated when catching up. x

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