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Sexy Shoulders and press up quest | MaeveMadden

Sexy Shoulders and press up quest

  • So queens, sexy shoulders was super fun today.  It was hot and sweaty!!! i used 5kgs for most of the moves and it really pushed me but I got through it!!! What did you ladies think of it?

    I am on a mission to complete a full push correctly by the end of this challenge!! i struggle so much with this move but love lifting heavy weights for others.  I was feeling little deflated but im just going to keep practicing and hope i master it!!! i do them now on my knees but some days i struggle more then others! I try to use the band on upper arms when doing these now and i find it helps to keep my elbows in close . . .  Someone shared that tip here!!

    I also had a visitor on the mat today, he was trying to eat my weights . . . lol!!! at least hes not peeing on my mat anymore!!!


  • 5kg the whole way through that is just amazing well done you!!

    I feel your pain with the press ups I would LOVE to be able to do them properly but think my form definitely needs work so trying to go slow and steady... 

    Good luck & keep us posted hoping in another couple of months we'll be celebrating smashing through all the push ups! 

    And loooove your wee visitor 😍 xxx

  • @Niamh Mercer yes queen!!!!! We will keep trying honey, slowly and steady and by gosh we will conquer those bloody push ups!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  • @Carmel Mulvany Amazing on the weights! I mostly used my 5kgs too, so proud of us!! I actually was thinking during the class that I needed to post about my push-ups!!! My issue is I either have to go fully to the floor and back up, or not down as far as I would like - like I'm either down to the floor for a brief second and back up, or I'm only half-way down towards the floor, I can't seem to progress to the ideal inbetween spot!! 

    Don't be too hard on yourself if progression seems slower than other moves etc, it is bloody difficult, like if you think of it you are lowering your whole body down slowly and it is mostly your shoulders carrying the weight, so it is tough as! I have found that with my glutes and abs strengthening that is helping me, if am squeezing both on the push back up it seem to take some of the weight up. I did find the superwoman push-ups helped me too. But don't worry, you are not alone on the struggle, and hopefully we all can keep progressing on it! (And hopefully someone else has some specific tips, as I think I'm just rambling now!) 

  • @Carmel Mulvany Oh and also the photo is adorable!!!- that head tilt! Excellent on the non-peeing progress hahaha!  

  • Same @Carmel Mulvany Some days Im better at the push ups and others I am literally all over the place. I find Im pushing up with my back first, if that makes sense and not using the strength in my actual arms to push up. I think I need to pay more attention to them,like Maeve was saying, not to rush it, take the time and dont be just going with the music or trying to get as many reps in, spend time correcting your form etc My back is pretty weak which I know is a big problem for me, I need to build up strength in it. We'll get there though 💪 Its good to hear other Queens are feeling the same way. Im doing QDQ over a year now and feel like i should be better at them by now but I know I have advanced in lot of the other workouts so Im not going to beat myself up over it. xx

  • @Ashley Jordan That's it isn't it Ashley- we hear "advanced" and feel like we should be at that level for all cos we are doing it a year+ at this stage!! My other 2 cents (beyond my ramblings above to Carmel!) is that a lot of the weight work we do in the likes of the sexy shoulders, spicy circuits etc is general shoulder srength, so whilst it might not seem we are progressing specifically in the press-up we are getting stronger in areas that will ultimately help! And then with Francesca's class our glutes and lower back is being worked. So I'm hopin with that and baby steps it will come together for us! 

    We should ask Maeve would she be able to do a little mini 10 min class with us on it, really go through the basics and if we have some specific questions . 

    Also we are doing amazing ladies, look at us here wanting to be even better versions and keep progressing, rather than just accepting that it is too tough and sticking with same old! 

  • @Sharon Scully I am literally the exact same as you honey!!!!! Either fully on the ground and back up or just a small dip!!! 

    We will get it queen,  I just need to be patient with it!!!! Hope ur keeping good! Xx

  • Wow 5kg, amazing Carmel. I use 4kg and 3kg, waiting to find some 5kgs from somewhere which doesn’t have an extortionate price tag. I managed to do all of the walkout -> push ups today. Feeling so strong! Next step for me is the one-leg walkouts - I can do them going down to the floor, but can’t get back up on one leg!! Fun, fun, fun! PS love your doggie x

  • @Ashley Jordan so true queen.... I got frustrated today cuz like you I'm a year on and still struggle the most with them!!! But as you and @Sharon Scully said, we have come so so far, we are doing advanced moves on other exercises and we are fitter and happier!!!! We will keep on giving it our all..... I know we will master it yet!!!! Xxx

  • @Steph B oh queen I think for everyone of us there will be 1 move that will need extra work!!! Its just the way we are built! I love the 1 leg walkouts.... 😍🤣🤣 they are so spicy!!!! You will get there honey!!!! Its do hard to get weights at the moment...🙄

  • @Carmel Mulvany Exactly Carmel, couldn’t have said it any better! 

  • @Sharon Scully Yes,so true Sharon. I feel like I could easily move up weights now with some of the shoulder work we do because I am obviously getting stronger which is great. I suppose we havent done too many push ups until recently so maybe thats why we are a bit rusty with them. I feel there was a few months there where we didnt do as many so its good to start back doing them again,i love when Maeve and the instructors change it up. 

    And like you said its great that we are eager to learn how to do them properly and not just admitting defeat at the first hurdle. Any of the workouts/moves that I struggle with I always challenege myself to conquer them eventually,no matter how long it may take, we can do it when we push ourselves to #queensdontquit 👸

    That sounds like a great idea asking Maeve to do a mini basics class again. I think it would be really beneficial, or even if she just put it up on Instagram, little tutorials? @Maeve Madden 

  • @Carmel Mulvany definitely! In a few weeks we'll be so much better at them and then it will be something else we will be challenging ourselves to do,thats why its called Queens Dont Quit 😘

  • @Ashley Jordan 1 million % my queen!!!! And we can help each other along the way!!! Xxx

  • It was a great class @Carmel Mulvany I just got caught up today. I tried to do 1 from knees and then 1 full one but the struggle was real. I also find I am quite ungraceful in the walk-outs so getting down into that position and then the push up and then back out I wasn't at the same pace as Maeve at all but it is deffo something I can try to improve on.

  • @Jude H well go you queen,  that's was brilliant going!!! Yep some of the new moves do take some practice too, I sort of like that from time to time cuz then you can see such an improvement when you perfect it!!!! I just caught up on Mondays sweat and sculpt.... woow it was spicy!!!! Xxx 

  • @Carmel Mulvany You're doing amazing Carmel! I hear you on the push ups, they're one thing I've always struggled with, I'm definitely getting better but some days are better than others and most days I have to drop to my knees but we'll get there! My goal is to have my form perfected by the end of the challenge for a full push up and work from there! You're smashing it queen, and you have the cutest wee pupper as a cheerleader! x

  • @Niamh Byrne that’s a great goal to have Niamh, you’ll get there I’m sure. 💪🏻👍🏻

  • @Niamh Byrne @Steph B we got this queens!!!!!! Challenge accepted 🤣😍

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