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Can we take a minute to say how amazing Dancing Queens was!!!!! | MaeveMadden

Can we take a minute to say how amazing Dancing Queens was!!!!!

  • Hi Queens,

    @Sinead Corcoran class this evening was just so fab! So much fun, if you missed it definitely try to catch up or join in next week! I smiled from start to finish and yet feel I got a great work out! Excellent addition to an already great schedule!! Felt like we were all dancing together which was so much fun! Well done Sinead in yet another fab class!

    "we are the dancing queens"

    will defo be doing this on catch up too!



  • I was dying to see first review of this as plan doing it on my lunch tomorrow..... that's a yes then!

  • I couldn't agree more Carol I was so sad when Sinead said we were nearly done I had SUCH a good time 💃🏻 

  • @Sinead Toal is so good Sinead! Defo do it! You'll love it

  • @Hannah York I know Hannah! It's great to do a workout that you just smile the whole way through

  • Just watched it to see what it was like, will give it a go tomorrow! Looks like fun

  • @Pam Curry it was great fun Pam!!! Enjoy it! 

  • @Carol Tansley just done this class and it was sooooooooo much fun!!! I honestly loved it!!! And hello to the sweating...  easy knowing I haven't been out to dance like a mad woman in a long long time!!!!! This cheered me right up this evening...... thank you so much queen!!!! Xx

  • @Carol Tansley so looking forward to trying this,thanks for giving the review Carol 💖

  • Dancing queens class was fabulous so much fun big smiles all the way through (especially when I couldn't get coordinated lol) love, love, loved it can't wait to the next one! It was like being on a night out with the queens 🥰🌶🥳💗

  • So glad it was a great class! Hoping to catch up through the library but it's not uploaded yet. Will get to it during the week!

  • @Mary Clayton I just logged on to catch up on it as well and saw it's not uploaded yet. Soon hopefully, I think they are usually uploaded straight afterwards? 

  • @Aoife O’Neill It's there now! I've just finished Combat Queens so will save Dancing Queens for another day! 🥵

  • @Mary Clayton oh Brilliant Mary thanks so much for letting me know!! Enjoy your rest after combat Queens!! 😁😁

  • Absolutely loved this class and what a sweat. 🥵 Did not feel like exercise but a party with the queen's!! 💃🥰 💯

  • Caught up on this class and loved it so much!!! Can't wait for the next dancing Queens class already!!! 😍😍

  • Just did this as well, such craic! I have found myself doing all the strength classes recently as I prefer them but this was a cardio workout that you'd barely notice was cardio. If you're half thinking of doing it get on it 💃

  • 100% yes! Only got a chance to do this class now but loved it. Time flew and worked up quite the sweat. Thanks Sinéad x

  • @Carmel Mulvany wooop! Just great to have fun like that!!! Hope it sticks around

  • @Ashley Jordan hope you love it as much as I did!!!!! 💞💞💞💞

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