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But did I die...?! | MaeveMadden

But did I die...?!

  • Hi Queens, 

    Just caught up on sexy shoulders! May have puked at the end...but I didn't die! 😂😂 First time in months and months I have done a full arm workout...not sure I'm gonna be able to hold a pen tomorrow! 

    Stay strong Queens! 

  • I went up in weights today (trying to get up to 5kgs by the end, today I did about 3.5kg) and my shoulders were on fire! 

  • The question is...Will we be able to lift a wine glass to our mouth after all that! Or is it time for a straw?! 

    The burn is real! 🔥

  • @Rachel Franklin oh I've already got the straw in the bottle. Not even going to try to pour! Haha

  • Hahhaa! You know the deal! I'm gonna follow in your footsteps! 😂

  • New to qdq is it okay to do sexy shoulders ad just today's workout or are people doing another one aswell.? My arms are sore after that 🥵

  • @Sarah Lay I only did sexy Shoulders today as my schedule is pretty tight so I at least get one workout in a day.

    I usually save Combat Queens for Thursday 

    Sometimes I'll do like the first half of another workout, like cardio kick, if I have time to do a little cardio burn after sexy Shoulders 

  • @Sarah Lay I only did sexy shoulders today, did ding ding one on Monday, and will do combat queen's tomorrow, and fireball Friday on Friday! 

    Don't overdo it, you have to listen to your body! I had to take so much time off when I overdid it! 

  • @Rachel Franklin yea I've been doing the same,it's so hard because when your on the buzz u feel like u wanna do them all but like that been only 5months postpartum I need to go at my own pace  thanks for reply x

  • @Nicole Rummel yea I'm only new to QDQ so I may take a look through the library to get a feel for the workouts do a little bit here and there and not over do it.x

  • @Sarah Lay ahh congrats on the baby! Yeah defo take it slow and easy! I have an overactive thyroid, caused by an autoimmune condition and it can take a while to find your new normal, especially with a new baby! But you will get there! 🥰

  • @Rachel Franklin Yasss I love it Rachel, true Queen spirit, you didn't die! 😂😂 Wasn't it pure spice this morning? Absolutely loved today's class and I already know I will be feeling it tomorrow, especially after following it with Combat Queens 😂 Let's hope we can hold that pen tomorrow! 💪 x

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