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Completely lost now. | MaeveMadden

Completely lost now.

  • I hoping some of you ladies can help because I feel like ive been kicked in the stomach.

    I started the last challenge with the intention of losing weight, get fitter and look after my failing body. My boobs lost a cup size and my wedding ring went back on, I didnt stand on the scales. My victories were non weight based, my mental health improved, my pain tolerance improved, naturally my diet improved. 

    All wonderful and I am delighted, really I am.

    But yesterday I went for a day out and my camera happy sister took my photo with my kids, she sent it to me last night and in that moment I could feel the tears roll. I looked the exact same as I did 7 weeks ago.

    And I know that's so superficial. And I know I should be all body positive and loving the body I'm in. But I put on 1 & a half stone in a year and I cannot look at it. I dont want to learn to love it, i bloody hate it! 

    So i stood on the scales this morning, nothing! Not a pound. And all the goodness I felt has just seeped away. I feel so bad even saying that and complaining! I dont even know what to do next, I'm a plain fussy eater so I dont eat fried or fast food, I did calorie track a while ago so I have an idea of what I'm eating, I cut down on all my sugar and I dont crave it as much, loads of water, sleep is improving.....so should I add another workout daily? I already do 6 days of lives with one day rest, one live each day!

    I guess I thought the first photo I took into this journey would help motivate me, but it did the opposite🙈 my emotional eating trigger is gone mad and I want pringles for breakfast now!


  • @Melissa Reilly aw Queen I'm very sad to read how upset you are. And I can completely understand where u r coming from. But pls pls don't lose faith. Firstly get rid of those pringlles u don't need them. Think of how much work u put in the last 4 wks. Remember the last challenge was a strength challenge so I wldnt expect much to any weight loss in that challenge, more of just building on ur strength tbh. Melissa I feel that u are a truly truly strong person so I wld just say to u, don't give up, believe in urself, u can do this. AND Queens dont Quit. 🥰 Weight loss is a slow slow process I know this as I've bn on that road, I am still, to be honest but I don't torture myself over it. It will happen for u Queen just be patient. I wld have a look at what classes u r doing u may need to change them up a bit. Maeve posted in her blog on the forum a breakdown of what classes she wld recommend for us if we wanted to tone up, get stronger etc. Have a qk look at that, as it might help u to change things up. Melissa get back on that Venga Bus, map out ur plan for everyday on Sunday, classes, menu etc. Write it all down & put it on ur fridge tick each day off. Have a look in the nutrition section theres some great ideas in there also. U so have got this Queen, don't lose faith doll. We r all here for u. Give me a shout anytime if u ever need a chat. 🥰 🥰 🥰 👑👑👑❤️❤️❤️

  • @Melissa Reilly ull find Maeves recommendations in the wellness section of the forum. Also take a look at the motivation post in there 2. Hopefully there might be some tips in there for you 🥰🥰🥰

  • @Audrey Browne awww Audrey, your a lady! Thank you for your kind words! I know if I was replying to someone else writing that, id know the exact things to say, the things to suggest. I think while I was really putting in the effort and making such good progress, it never occurred to me that I may not see the difference in a photo, I just thought surely something has to have changed, apart from losing a cup size🙈😆

    And I wasnt expecting how hard it would hit me when it didnt happen, it caught me so off guard and sraight away I felt the trigger, it was gone for a few weeks but it came back so quickly!

    I just need to be realistic, a year to put it on, so 7 weeks wont fix that! 

  • @Melissa Reilly I hear you I got sick the last week the challenge and then was away with kids and missed workouts and eating 💩food and I feel all my progress is gone but and motivation just need get back into the game💪💪 I find summer hard to have routine.  I found if did two classes in one day I was get better result but it's hard sometimes  I try get steps in too

  • @Melissa Reilly Melissa dont give up. I am back into the workouts.  I try and do at least 4 a week.  I think I have become a bit more toned but no huge difference yet.  I put on a stone since Covid and am determined to lose it through a healthy meal plan and exercise.  Now we all have bad days and fall off the wagon and that is completely understandable.  Im sure you are being hard on yourself.  You prob dont notice the difference but maybe others do. One day at a time.  I hope to fit back into my summer clothes next summer and I aim for that.  It is also about feeling good after you exercise.  Keep going just maybe tweek a few meals plans and I seriously think you are doing more than enough in 6 a week.  Im lucky to get in 4 but keep going queen and smile.

  • Melissa, we've all been there - the fact is the scales are an absolute dose, and they really don't give a picture of how you are changing physically (or mentally) as you get stronger - you probably HAVE lost a few inches and gained muscle, but the scales will never be able to tell you that (as you said, your wedding ring went back on so something is happening!). 
    The kind of healthy living that is sustainable, and the kind of change you are after shouldn't happen overnight - it takes months and months for most people so be kind to yourself, be patient and stick with it! <3 
    You got this Queen!! 

  • @Sarah Higgins thank you for your reply! I'm very disciplined at home with my food but days out with the kids can be hard going🙈 

    I'm not sure if I would manage two workouts in one day, god I see some of the queens doing all three! But I think I'm going to get a treadmill for the steps.

    I hope you are feeling much better now x

  • @Carmel Byrnes thank you x

    Yes I think I just had a terrible day and all the positive things I normally remind myself of just weren't cutting it! I had bought a few new pairs of shorts when I was doing the challenge because I was so sure I'd not only fit into them but feel amazing! But your right, slow and steady wind the race and hindsight is great....I knew when I was eating all around me and not exercising that it wouldn't end well....and boom here I am!!!!

    I did the live yst and this morning so I'm still turning up, just have to dig my mojo out aswell🤭🙈😆

  • @Sarah Martin thank you x You are completely right, I dont know why I even bought the scales, I think before I started the challenge I just wanted to see what damage lockdown had done to me!!! But it is going to the attic, only to be used if I ever need to weigh luggage😆

    I need to get back to focusing on how good I feel, because that has been my transformation! My new, more realistic aim is xmas, and hopefully to wear a sparkly dress😉


  • @Melissa Reilly I always try turn my frustrations into determinations. It just give me that extra push that I need sometimes. I have complete faith in u Melissa 👑👑👑❤️❤️❤️

  • @Melissa Reilly one day at a time thats what Im doing plus you feel great after the workouts.  You will be in a sparkly dress at xmas feeling fabulous.  Go Queen.

  • Oh my goodness. We have all been there. I was never as heavy as I was in April of this year. A combination of South Beach diet : healthy eating and QDQ and have lost 20lbs. It took time but it is worth the commitment to yourself. Keep it simple do the challenges and it will come. We are here to support you!!!

  • @Sally Ann Flood thank you x I think I'm back on track, got up this morning and did a workout from the library even though I just wanted to tell over for my second sleep! I took my photo this morning too, just for myself, as the other ladies said there has been changes I just was only focused on my tummy I didnt see the other things!

    Well done on your weight loss, you stuck it out and got the results you wanted, hopefully in a few months that's where I will be😉😊

  • Oh queens this is how I've been feeling the last couple of wks!!! I've cut back completing classes since I started back working which has really upset me!!! My eating is all over the place - comfort eating being a problem and my life being completely chaotic at the moment hasn't help either. But you know what..... we r still queens, we will get through this and that crown will stay put!!!!! I miss all you queens and hope ur Monday went well!!! Xxx

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