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Wee sad face :( | MaeveMadden

Wee sad face :(

  • Im going to make this purple.  😁 

    I was so excited to make this challenge and smash it and have fun with everyone. Unfortunately ive got quite ill with some problems in my fallopian tube. I feel i can be open here so thats why im telling you and i know everyone is so strong in this group. 

    I wish you all good luck in the challenge.  Who knows maybe next week i can join in for a couple depending on the pain.  

    Lots of love 

    Emma xx

  • @Emma Mooney awww that's terrible, you poor thing. It's hard when your body wont go with your plans....and you probably dont want to hear that there'll be other challenges and listen to your body🙈

    But....there will be😉 see how I sneaked that in! Only because it's true! Get yourself a snuggly hat and scarf, maybe get some steps done? I know itll feel like ten steps back after doing queens but your head will thank you for it! 

    And if you need to offload....we are here❤❤

  • @Melissa Reilly 🙏❤ thank you xx

  • @Emma Mooney oh god bless you. Its so hard when you want to crack on but your body says no. You look after yourself queen and hopefully you can join in on a challenge in the new year 😊👸

  • @Megan Hunter yeah 2022 we got this. ❤

  • Aww Emma that's a shame, it's very annoying when you have great plans to get the challenge done! However, I wonder if you look back at when you started Queens would you ever have thought you'd be this disappointed at missing exercise/challenges, I know I certainly wouldn't and that's huge progress for me.

    Get well soon and 2022 won't know what hits it!

  • @Claire Ryan you're right yeah. Its nice to be sad in missing out on exercises 😂😂 x

  • @Emma Mooney oh Queen, ugh dont worry I always say, listen to your body and do whats best for you.  This is why I am so thrilled that Kate is on board now and she has the yoga, meditation and journalling because we want to make sure you are physically & mentally feeling your best.  


    Nothing more painful than pains in your female organs oh I know it.  I hope you are ok and anythng we can do nlet us know 

  • @Maeve Madden 🙏thank you . Kates yoga i love. I will try her meditation class now actually i can maybe do it from bed? :P 

    Yes i know you know all too well about that area Maeve . Theyre still unsure whats going on with me so im on high meds to fight any infection that may arise so i have to get checked up when im back in Ireland.  Fingers crossed everything is okay .

    Thank you wonderful ladies❤💃 x

  • Oh Emma wishing you a speedy recovery! Well done for everything you've done in the challenge so far, hope you are on the mend soon!x

  • Ah Emma thats very tough for you I hope you can get to the bottom of it very soon and get your goals back on track. Mind yourself x

  • @Emma Mooney hope you get sorted soon and you'll be back flying at the challenges. 

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