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Scrolling library on new website | MaeveMadden

Scrolling library on new website

  • Is anyone else having issues scrolling the library on the new website if not on a touch screen device.  On the laptop I can't find a scroll bar to move down the page and can't see the workouts. 

    Also, there is no way yet to search or filter the library yet?

  • @MICHELLE MCKENNA hiya Queen, mine is OK but I do know a few Queens R still having issues with the system. Have u emailed support@maevemadden.com or even maeve@84world.com to make them aware u r having issues? . 

  • @Audrey Browne thanks Audrey, just wanted to check it wasn't just something silly i was doing before bothering them. I can scroll on the main page, but when you click in the library tab on the top, I don't get a scroll bar on that page. It's not a big issue, was just hoping to set up a shortcut on the android box linked to the TV, as it's a bit of a pain to manoeuvre at the best of times! Once app goes live it should be even easier to work.

  • Hi Michelle!

    No, it's not just you - it's the same for me! Works if I have a mouse with a scroll wheel connected, but otherwise the only page I can navigate down on is the home page (and that's a bit temperamental too sometimes and needs a page refresh!).

    A few of us have e-mailed support about it already so I think they're working on fixing it 🤞

  • Hi Michelle, nope not alone, myself and a few others too. It appears the developers are making updates daily when feeback has been given. Fingers crossed will be complete in time for challenge on Monday. As Audrey, suggested email the support team so they are aware of your challenges, what they know they can work on. Your situ maybe different to what mine and some other gal's were xx 

  • I'm on the new website now, and I noticed that I can't back out of a video and choose a different workout without reloading the whole website and choosing "library" again. Probably a temporary glitch since the website is very new?

  • @MICHELLE MCKENNA I can't scroll either I use my Samsung ozone!

  • Hi just going to jump on this chat to ask if we can subscribe to the workout calendar, it was so handy having all the classes on my phone as I'm in Australia and love to catch a few live classes

  • I'm also having issues with the library and finding the new platform quite finicky maybe it's just me?-Have the issues been resolved for you?

  • Hi Queens, I am having the same issue. I cant seem to be able to scroll across to see older workouts just the most recent 4. I use my tv to do the workouts. Any help would be greatly appreciated xx

  • The website seems designed for touch screen devices.

    I tried it on fire stick on TV and I can't even get logged in.

    There is no way to scroll down to the small sign in link at the bottom of the page (only goes as far as the sign up button).

    (On another note, once we are signed in, I love that we don't have to keep signing back in each time we access the site).

    I *hate* using the small screen on my phone, and my connection is too unstable to cast to the TV. Ended up throwing the remote in frustration this morning as I just couldn't get the workout to load up for me 🤪. (Not just the website issues, slow internet and kids that think they have priority to the connection- just one of those days, gave up and went back to bed 😖). 

    Went to try again on catch-up and think the connection issues are just Vimeo. The playback is still Vimeo and is really glitchy. Tried a workout from earlier in the week that's uploaded to the website and it's fine.

  • @MICHELLE MCKENNA Hi Michelle, I have a firestick also and was having the same issues logging in 🙈 My fiance downloaded a browser for me called TV Bro and I use the site through it on my firestick and it works. Here is a link on how to add a browser to the firestick https://youtu.be/QcCDgnc4_qY Hope that might help you 😘

  • Hi all


    Just wondering is anyone having trouble accessing the library today? I've tried on two different touch screen devices and each time I click on the view all arrow the page freezes.... 


    Thanks all

  • Hey girls, does anyone know how to favorite a class so I can catch up later? Also I need to reload the whole website when I back out of a video on the library too so they must be still working on it I'd say ☺️

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