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Back after a blip with Sweat & Sculpt! | MaeveMadden

Back after a blip with Sweat & Sculpt!

  • I've just started the challenge with yesterday's sweat & sculpt. Easing myself in after failing the last 2 challenges and about a 5 week break. Along side the usual chaos of Christmas I haven't been feeling myself & although I've suspected for a longtime blood tests confirmed the menopause. Not an easy thing to talk about or get your head around especially as I'm 43! Anyway as we all know queens don't quit and completing this challenge will cancel out my failings! I'm holding myself accountable and am determined to follow up at the end of this challenge with a big I DID IT! 😬🤣

    Good luck everyone xx

  • Week 1 - sweat & sculpt - sexy shoulders- Fireball 22 - OG Queen party 👸

  • @Helen Haste you can do it!!! You've done brilliantly this first week. I'm like yourself haven't quite fully committed to previous challenges but feel determined this time! Good luck for this week queen x 

  • @Eva Dougan Thank you so much & good luck to you too 😊 eased myself in but boy have I felt it! We've got this 💪🏻

  • @Helen Haste here's to another great week! 

  • @Helen Haste you haven't failed the last two challenges. You have done your best and even if you didn't manage to do all the workouts each week you still did some which is brilliant. Everyone I know is talking about the menopause. Jesus, so many different symptoms. It is shocking that we are not more prepared and that there isn't more help available.

    It is great that you are talking about it. I hope you have people around you who will listen and that you have a good doctor.


    Good luck with the challenge and try to be gentle with yourself.


    Claire x

  • @Claire McDaid  Thank you so much Claire. Feeling determined and enjoying being back at it. Unfortunately more woman seem to suffer and be didmissed than get the help they need but things are definitely improving... I think! I've got my head around it and am moving towards the next steps for me. Thank you for your kind words and good luck to you also xx

  • @Helen Haste I am 46 so the doctor says even though my hormone levels are okay I am still classed as being in perimenopause stage. It is a hard one to get your head around, isn't it? Women aren't prepared for it at all. My mum died a few years ago so I haven't got her to ask questions. It is a strange time of life. You finally know who you are and then the hormones go mental! 

  • @Claire McDaid sorry to hear about your mum 😞 I've been backwards and forwards for a couple of years and it's only recently showed up in my blood tests. Dismissed because of my age originally and previously I'd had covid and my thyroid levels were borderline, so they blamed it on that told me to take vitamins and basically just get on with it! I've tried every supplement going, I tried being vegan, cut alcohol out you name it but nothing works. Exercise is important especially the weights for our bones, they suffer with the hormone loss. Such fun! I have discovered some good Instagram pages to follow. Helps you realise you're not the only one going mad if nothing else xx 

  • week 2 - 20 with Fran - Maeve 20 -sweat & sculpt - Drills - Sexy shoulders - Fireball

    Feeling motivated 😊

  • @Helen Haste Hi Helen, I know you're in early stages of menopause and probably still in shock that it's started this early. However, depending on your symptoms, (mine were debilitating!) don't hesitate to talk to you Dr about your options, including HRT. I could not survive without it, felt like myself as soon as I started HRT. Exercise will obviously help so stick with us Queens! 👑💕

  • @Linda Flood I've got an appointment Friday to find out the next step for me. Thank you so much. I'm willing to try anything x 

  • Week 3 - sweat & sculpt - Maeve 20 - sexy shoulders - yoga - drills - meditation - fireball - hit party 😊

  • @Helen Haste hey Helen great to see your name coming up ❤️ nothing you do is a fail it's only feedback for the next time xx 

    Re. menopause I'm sorry for the shock you got and 43 is v young so I hope you're getting all the help you need. I follow a few great accounts on menopause. Also sile seoige had Catherine the wellness warrior on her podcast last year and I'd highly recommend it for a listen and for advice. I'm 47 and after the vaccine my cycle which was 28/29 every mth for yrs and yrs was erratic for two mths and then went back to normal. Then booster in Dec and I'm 38 days now and still no period. Because I'm in menopause age group I can't say for definite that it's the vaccine but to be so steady for yrs and the only variable that changed was vaccine so I'm thinking it's that. Anyway I wondered about blood test too and what would your advice be. My energy levels since may/June are severely depleted too again it was may/June I got my vaccine.. personally I'm ok with menopause and accepting of the changes but I would like to confirm if it's menopause or not if u get me and you can be sure I will take anything offered to me to make.it easier 😂😂😂

    Well done on the challenge girl - you've got this xx

  • Thank you Queen Vicky 😊 Im really getting back into it, after a manic morning about to catch up with Fireball! I've done a few lives but having problems with the chat so haven't been able to join in but I'm still here!

    my mum was 40 so it does run in the family, I have had symptoms off and on for a couple of years and periods sometimes regular and sometimes  all over the place. This was the first time anything showed up in my bloods. It often doesn't pick it up. Even when it shows as normal unfortunately often many woman are peri menopausal still. Still knocked me for six even though I was expecting it if that makes sense. 
    I would definitely start with some blood tests, get them to check your thyroid/iron levels too.... I also have the pleasure of an under active thyroid that can often start around the menopausal stage and is more common in woman of our age group. We have all the fun hey!  Re the vaccine I have a few friends whose periods have been effected and my daughter bless her went 3 months after her vaccine but seems back on track again now.

    Thank you again for your kind words xx

  • Week 4 - Fran 20 - Drills - Strong with Maeve - Sexy shoulder - yoga - sweat & sculpt - Fireball - Maeve 20 👸🏼

  • Week 5- Fran 20 - sweat & sculpt - sexy shoulders -Maeve 20 - combat queen - yoga - strong Sarah - Fireball



  • @Helen Haste Helen you are doing amazing 😍 well done girl ❤️

  • Thank you so much ❤️

  • Goal achieved, I actually did it 🙂Can't believe it. Best challenge yet. Everyone has been so encouraging to each other. Well done ladies & thank you for your support. Roll on the spring challenge 👸🏼💪🏻

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