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Pilates | MaeveMadden


  • @Sinead Bergin 100% agree, even though I'm shaking and burning, Sineads voice and prompts make me feel really relaxed at the same time. This is a fab addition to the timetable, already looking forward to next week xxx

  • @Shaunagh Smith yes I feel so relaxed after it even though it's a nice challenge too. I really enjoy her workouts.

  • Girls I cant wait for this after perky.... i adore a good old stretch!!! X

  • Loved this morning class thanks @Sinead Corcoran the level was great, and the ab series. I managed the roll overs but the extra moves onto I need to work on xx 

  • I can feel a core developing lol 

    Girls if you could have seen me trying to roll my legs over my head...pure comedy 😂

    But Im not giving up I will be as graceful as swan some day 💪

  • @Aisling McGlinchey omg i was ridiculous looking doing these rolls..thank goodness for home workouts.

  • @Sinead Bergin I always say thank goodness they aren't on zoom 😂

  • Just caught up with this morning's class - the perfect way to celebrate my day off @Sinead Corcoran thank you! Loved the new exercises, they reminded me of the pilates classes I used to go to "back in the days" when doing a pilates class during your lunch break near your office was the normal 😁

    Now on to Perky Peach. I could not work out yesterday due to a long day at work with almost no food so I am catching up today.

  • Oh girls I was completing pilates with sinead, just got it done there and it was wonderful!!!!! I am really noticing my strength in my core growing wk by wk, i loved the abs super 5 section and noticed I got my legs closer to the ground. It was such a fabulous slow paced strength burner! Thank you @Sinead Corcoran for another fab class xxx

  • @Carmel Mulvany that's brilliant that you are noticing your strength building week after week. Keep it up.

  • I just noticed there's no Friday morning pilates in week 5? 🙈

  • @Claire McGlinchey I noticed this too 😔 

  • I know. I was so disappointed. Is that like really selfish of me with 14 other amazing classes?!? 

    I actually really enjoy the pilates a lot. It's just very new for me and I feel really good after it.  

  • Maeve just announced on insta Pilates is going ahead this Friday morning 🙌🙌 thanks maeve 

  • Yes it's back on the schedule for this week Queens.

  • Looking forward to our early morning sesh pleased it's back on the schedule 

  • Another fantastic class to get out of bed early for. I find my legs are as stiff or don't stretch as high as I'd like them to. This is obviously something that needs more attention from me. I'm enjoying the Pilates a lot. 

  • @Sinead Bergin Don't be too hard on yourself queen! Especially first thing in the morning the body needs time to wake up!😘

  • Oh my word ladies I just did my first pilates (only done the barre ones before) session and am genuinely amazed at that burn!! Pray for my peach tomorrow genuinely don't think I'm going to be able to walk LOL thanks @Sinead Corcoran loved it!!!

  • @Sinead Corcoran just caught up on last Friday's class. My ass is on fire!! Great class.

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