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Married at first sight Oz | MaeveMadden

Married at first sight Oz

  • If you're not watching this series you NEED IT! 
    They are nuts!!

  • @Anne Hamilton Black omg i am hooooooked!!! 

  • Only discovered this last weekend, it is gas and now on series link! 😎

  • Oh I am obsessed - Ines first and now Cyrell tonight? Love it!!

  • @Laura C omg ines like how could one person be so obnoxious!! 

  • I have gone straight for season 6 and it is amazing do not know how I have missed it for all those other seasons!! I watched the first season of America married at first sight 5 years ago and love that one of the couples are still togehter with 2 babies now! 

  • Haha this is our nightly watch don't really know what to do at the weekend when it's not on sooo addictive! I have wached the last two seasons and they were just as good! More wife swapping and so cringey. I have watched the UK ones and they are just borring in comparison. People in the UK are actually in it to find love not to make drama and get insta famous.... boring if you ask me hehe 

  • Omg I'm obsessed with it!! I feel like this season is a bit tooooo staged. But still great dramatic fun! 🔥

  • Oh girls I thought I was alone on this one haha Ines what a horrid creature! Now Im not up to scratch so I'll be back when Ive caught up haha

  • @Shannon Lawless  all I will say is wait until you meet Susie... she makes Ines look like Mary Poppins. 🙈😂

  • Whose Susie??? I havent got too far in this series yet but one couple have already left and I felt so sad! It is just so good! 

  • Susie is a fun new character 😂 but I am obsessed with this series, I'm going to believe none of it is staged by producers! 

  • @Laura C oh really? oooh the excitement haha Im just at the Dino recording the convo part 😱

  • Gals I just watched the dinner party with the new couples!!! I cannot get over the carry on of Jessica 🙈 absolutely morto for her like the desperation ... not a good look no no! 

  • Oh with the laces? Oh it was cringe!! That Dan guy is an absolute d1ck though!

  • Love this show so much! Can't deal with that girl Susie on it either, she is so mean to Billy! 

  • @Laura C Yeah I just couldnt cope with her! oh my god yeah I agree about Dan and Susie like how can ye possibly just get through your whole life being so mean? I dont understand it at all!

  • Oh my god Susie and Jess!

    I have a feeling Dan might reject her, he's going to be away all week and she's stuck with mick, who is a dope but he makes me excuses, but he's honest!

    Jess deserves to be rejected on front of everyone!

    Sisie is a weapon, I wonder if being at home will calm her down more this week and make her drop the attitude?

  • My friends don't want MAFS so I have to ask my fellow queens.... is anyone else getting really annoyed that the male 'expert' keeps having a go at Heidi and making out like she's got a problem and is sabotaging things and needs to change when actually Mike is the biggest gaslighter out there and always blames her for reacting to his crappy behaviour? 🤯🤯

  • @Laura C I mustbe be watching them close enough, I didnt notice that about Mike! 

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