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Struggling on the floor! | MaeveMadden

Struggling on the floor!

  • Hey Queens! I signed up last month but only started doing regular workouts since the beginning of the summer challenge! I'm really struggling with all of the floor work. Push ups are impossible for me and I always get a sense of dread when Maeve says we are going to the floor! 

    Although, having said this I want to smash these by the end of the challenge so I was hoping for any tips you guys have. Are there any workouts in particular that helped you with this if you also struggled. I can plank fine but if you ask me to move at all in that position I just crumble! So yea just anything that you think might be of help to me I would greatly appreciate! 🥰 x

  • @Lauren McGuigan I was the exact same found it so hard to engage my core & do pushups.

    For pushups I found doing them on my knees and slowly really helps.

    For floor work I would have stuck with the brginner versions for at least 2 weeks before moving up to intermediate. I'd be the same as you loads of strength in a plank-when I'm not moving! The dead bug really helped me engage my core (I think thats what its called). Its the one where you are on your back & legs at 90° angle, you tap one foot to the floor, bring back up to 90° and then tap the other foot.

    You can do it queen takes time but once youve mastered them youll feel fab 😁

  • @Lauren McGuigan hi I'm only on month 3 and I found staying in beginner for a while helped. You do need to build your strength over time. I'm sure there is more experienced queens here have more tips. Although I'm still on beginner sit up and feel I'm making no progress at all in that area. 

  • I'd be similar @Lauren McGuigan when it comes to core strength but I'd agree completely with what @Karyn Mannion and @Noelle OConnor have said! Stick with the beginner moves and slowly feel that strength build up. Also, I've been doing the pilates and barre classes and they are amazing for core work...suuuuper hard but I've noticed such a difference already. I keep reminding myself we're all beginners at the beginning (as Maeve says) and I try not to beat myself up when I couldn't do something and focus on what I could...being able to do a plank at all is amazing 💪😄 x

  • Hi Queen. It’s a matter of perseverance, core work is really difficult, so it’s important to build it up, slowly. One day you’ll find that you can do a difficult/advanced move and that will give you such a buzz. The beginners moves which Maeve suggests are so helpful for building-up, so keep at it and you’ll get there in time. 

  • @Lauren McGuigan stick with it we were all beginners and it can be so hard!!! But you will get there 😊 I'd say the main thing is to keep trying and keep doing the beginner moves and ull get there it just takes time😊 

  • @Lauren McGuigan oh my gosh push ups are sooooo hard! I really struggle with them too. As the girls said, keep practicing and trying and we'll improve little by little!!! Xxx 

  • I was the same I've been part of team queen since last April and it's only the last month or so where I've been doing the advanced Moves. It does take time and people will get there quicker than others so keep at it and the strength will come 💪🏻🔥

  • Hi Lauren,

    I find sticking with the beginner modification for a while works and sometimes I still do it purely Coz I find engaging my core hard in the abs section and for the push ups def try them on your knees and it helps! 😊😊

  • Hi Lauren,

    I find that I can smash some core workouts and then completely fail at others. Give me crunches all day long but please don't ask me to do soulder taps 😂😂

    I always just drop to beginner for moves I find really hard and if I'm feeling brave I might squeeze one intermediate move in and then back to beginner. There is no shame in taking your time to build your strength up. Even when doing beginner moves you are making progress. Don't do anything you dread, if your hating the advanced moves, don't do them! As Maeve says just do what you enjoy.

    As for push ups, I struggle with this the most. I asked Maeve in a beginner class to show me how to start from square one and it literally is box position and going down on the forearms. I'm still only improving very slowly there but I definitely recommend going to a beginner class to learn the basics first. Maeve really takes you though it properly. I often go do a beginner class every other week because it resets my form and gets rid of bad habits.

    Hope this gives you a bit of encouragement, I've been going to the gym for YEARS and I still can't do advanced for a lot of it. But that's just the way my body is built too, I'm stronger in some places than others and everyone is built different 🙌

  • Thanks to everyone for your advice! 🥰🥰 not feeling so alone in my struggle any more. 👑👑

    I also bought myself a much better yoga mat and can really feel the difference - the old one I had was cheap and moved around but this one I feel a lot more steady in a plank and can try a bit more. 

    I was glad to see Maeve put up a core workout on IG so I'm going to try and do one of these short workouts every evening to try and build up some of my strength! Xx

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