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Sunday morning yoga | MaeveMadden

Sunday morning yoga

  • I loved this morning yoga taught by the wonderful Esther. I feel so calm and peaceful now, exactly what I needed after a busy week. Also the stretch was perfect for my tight hips after all our lower body work we do in the week. Hope you're all having a lovely weekend queens 👸 

  • @Abbie Easterling it was a fabulous stretch out. I loved the poem st the end. I wonder could it be posted up here on the website for us to read over. 

  • I loved it too :) The poem was so lovely. Perfect start to a Sunday x

  • It was a beautiful poem @Sinead Bergin, I really enjoy the class and the savasana gets me everytime lol

    I had a pretty sub par queeing week, planned to get many more workouts done but sick babies at home, so I just ate all my emotions which is never good!

    So im letting it go and starting fresh today! Have a good day Queens x

  • It really was so calming and relaxing definitely what the body needed xx 

  • I love the yoga class on a Sunday, wee bit of self care to end the week. 

  • I feel so relaxed and content after doing this mornings yoga. Loved it 🥰 Thank you Esther

  • Just finished the yoga now, it was exactly what I needed in every sense. Wonderful stretches, wonderfully restorative for the mind, yes I cried again at the shavasana but in a really accepting and peaceful way. I love this class so much, Esther is amazing. 

  • Yeah it's amazing for stretching out the body especially after all the workouts and it's so good to just take some self care time and look after the mind too.

  • @Sharon Scully I'm glad someone else gets emotional. I was starting to think I was loosing it 🤣


  • @Aisling McGlinchey nope you're not, perfectly normal and acceptable response!!!! We are releasing pent up emotions that are eg being held in the hips like you may have heard Esther say, and then when she does the bit at the end that strikes the mind and gives a release there too. Real visceral response, and the perfect end to our week!!! I do other YouTube yoga classes and they have the same effect in terms of the stretching and the breathing and the calm it brings,but none that bring that final emotion! We are so lucky to have Esther!!! 

  • @Sharon Scully @Aisling McGlinchey You're not alone, I also got emotional, what a lovely yoga class, always look forward to Esther's yoga 💜

  • Oh my god girls I cry every single time I come to the savasana,  thats so mad!!!!!! I am utterly in love with yoga, pilates and barre for stretching and working new muscles and healing! I'm still not able to do cardio class 2day, I'm raging but I need to relax so yoga was perfect today!!!! Esther is just a dream and sends me to a calm place straight away!!!! X

  • @Sharon Scully fabulous words. I enjoyed reading your comment.

  • Love the yoga and pilates classes. They really balance out the other more intense workouts and let the body recover mindfully. Loving the focus on tight hips and shoulders- much needed. Also carry a lot of tension in my neck so looking forward to working on that too. Thank you Esther & Sinead.

  • Couldn't agree more, Abbie! 

    I'm loving the Sunday yoga so much and have gotten myself into a nice Sunday morning routine of waking up early, going for a walk with a podcast and then coming in, putting a candle on and practicing with Esther.  So peaceful and enjoying the time to myself and be 'present'.  Although yesterday my husband did decide that during Shavasana was a perfect time to enthusastically practice his bread kneading/throwing dough around the kitchen (5ft away from me) as loud as humanly possible 😂

  • @Elise Karam ha ha ha omg it's always the way. When u are trying to have a quiet moment it is knocked on it's head. 

  • @Julie-Ann Collins yes I love how yoga we get a good stretch in especially after all the high intensity classes and the booty burners. I need this class for my hip stretches.

  • @Elise Karam sounds like a perfect Sunday morning 💕........ until the bread making commenced haha at least you had nice homemade bread afterwards x

  • Feeling calm and connected after yoga. It is a super stretch too after all the high intensity classes during the week.it was a very enjoyable class and I'm glad I caught up on it now. 

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