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Lost my mojo | MaeveMadden

Lost my mojo

  • Hey gals 


    I need some help. 

    Towards the end of last errk I found myself doing the workouts but not pushing myself and slowly but surely eating crappy foods again 🙃 

    I've been having a stressful time with work/University and so far have not been able to motivate myself to do a workout yet this week, u can't seem to get the mindset at all if you catch my drift keep putting off until tomorrow then tomorrow comes and nothing happens.


    I need to give myself a kick up the ass and get over myself but anyone got any suggestions on how I can get myself back ? 


    Any and all help welcome gals 😘 


  • I have a friend who I always do/talk to about QDQ, and when I feel blegh or vice versa.. we text eachother to encourage our fat booties to get up and exercise, even if it's just a walk. 💪 Baby steps, you'll find your mojo again. Times are tough and you're bound to feel deflated and demotivated sometimes. But I believe in you gurl 💪 you got this, push yourself again with baby steps each day  x

  • @Gemma Marston We have all been there- I recommend tonight's Combat Queens once it's uploaded to the library, it is so much fun, the class flies by and you feel like such a badass with all the punching and for me it really works out the stress. Otherwise try one of the shorter classes in the library- I always go back to a 20 min cardio one from Oct when I can't motivate myself to do a full class- it's like only 4 songs long but absolute tunes and it gives me a whopper burn per minute! For me I find once the music starts I just immediately feel more like I want to do it, so maybe just try just putting on a class and see if you feel the desire to get involved. 

    Otherwise- baths, walks outside in the fresh air, watching something easy like Schitts Creek, cook some of your favourite meals, instead of the cardio do the yoga or the pilates etc etc. Maybe you even need a week off just to refresh?

    Main thing is to be kind to yourself, it has only been a couple of days- you don't make massive progress in a couple of days and you certainly don't lose progress in a couple of days. 

    Big virtual hug to you, and feel free to reach out direct to me if you wish xxx

  • @Gemma Marston Hi Gemma, it’s tough to keep motivated all the time, try not to be disheartened. If there a time of day that you know suits you, you could plan it for that time maybe. And have your gear on from morning. I know I’m better in the morning so I get dressed in my gear first thing and do the workout from the day before at about 7.45am. It’s a small thing but I’ve found that if I go downstairs in my dressing gown, for some reason everything just takes longer, and I just can’t get everything done. Another tip I found that helps with motivation is counting 5-4-3-2-1 and just doing it. The first couple of minutes might be tough but once you’ve started it’s easier to keep going. If you plan to do something short and comfortable, you’ll fly through it. If it’s too much, you might be put off so choose a workout that you know you’ll enjoy, maybe the OG HIIT one coming on Friday! Good luck, you’ll find your mojo again 😊👑

  • @Gemma Marston it's hard to be movtivated all the time, I don't think anyone ever is. Like Sharon said id promise myself just to do a short class, fit in 15 just to get moving, slowly but surely. A few yummy healthy meals to get back in to the swing of it. And the main thing be nice to yourself it's a tough time and some times everything feels very hard!! 

    Hopefully you get back in to it soon 😊

  • I get like this sometimes and it's good to take one/two days off from exercise if you need it! Then start afresh and go again! Love Combat queens, you can't beat a good ol punch to get that stress out!!

    Agree with the girls, kindness and self care are key especially with everything that's going on xx

  • @Gemma Marston Hey Girl here's your sister🖐 Im trying to just do what queen Maeve says herself

    -Just try a workout for 10mins and if after 10 mins you wanna stop then have a rest and try again tomorrow but 90% of the time after 10 mins I've forgotten I didnt want to do it and finish the workout. Oh and if you want a workout buddy you can always message me and we can check in with each other before the workouts to motivate us💪

    you got this gal💜

  • @Gemma Marston oh Queen that's so normal,  please don't beat urself up!!! You have a lot going on and you are probably burnt out!!!! 

    You just need to take 1 day at a time. Focus on 1 goal per day, if ur not up for a workout, up for a walk or run!!!! I constantly have issues with my food, its very much up and down. That can then affect ur mood too!!! 

    Show urself some much deserved love and accept we all have bad days but it won't last forever! Tomorrow is a new day my dear xxx

  • @Gemma Marston Hey Gemma its so hard and for my i dont rely on motvation anymore i just make the same habits/routines every day - when i was working i fit it in before work and just got up bit earlier and used my coffee breaks for a shower and i tended to stick to the shorter workouts and once you have put on the music you will feel yourself getting into it. Also dont be too critical with yourself as its a horrible time for everyone right now with lock downs and so on but every minute or 5 minutes you give is effort and all effort builds up xx

  • @Gemma Marston awwww Queen I hear u. We've all bn there Gemma & it's awful. But look I think u're under an awful lot of pressure & u seem to have forgotten about u. I know both work & uni r important but they mustn't b allowed to stress u out. When things stress me out I get up & walk away from it until I know I'm ready to go back to it. @Carmel Mulvany said get up go for a qk walk or run. Even if that means up & down the stairs. Get urself sorted then come back & kick ass. I bet u have a timetable for work & uni! Well u shld be at the top of that list Queen. "Gemma time" 1st then everything else after that. Make things work around you not the other way round doll. Don't worry ur mojo will come back to u Gemma. I have every faith. 👑 👑 👑 ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ 

  • My biggest tip when I reallllllly don't want to do a workout is I put shania or the vengabus on Spotify and then I'm like ok yeah I'll do the workout lol. Sounds silly but it actually works for me! Take care of yourself xx

  • GALS 

    Thanks so much for all your kind words I really appreciate them all  

    Youse are all so so lovely and supportive 💕 

    I finally kicked myself up the bum today and did the combat queens like you all suggested and I feel great this evening. Dont get me wrong was hard to get started but I feel great! 

    Thank you all so much ❤ 

  • @Gemma Marston don't be hard on yourself.  You did the right thing a voiced your issuses here.  I'm a typical fader.. Start strong and fade out. This time, I want to have a team of women /queenz hwo don't quit but listen and workout together. The suggestions above are brilliant.  For me when i don't think!! I have the energy I dont the shorter workouts. I give more and think less.  Its all in the mind. Think "I've got the power". 

  • @Gemma Marston Yes delighted you did Combat Queens- it really is the best for just getting the endorphins flowing and becomes about so much more than exercise! Good woman for taking that step. Getting started is definitely the hardest bit. I think @Vicky Baker's suggestion is actually really good and isn't something that I hadn't though specifically about, but something i'm actually kind of doing- I have a daily to do list and the workouts are usually the first thing I put down on them, and the only reason I don't do them is if I'm sick or hurt, cos as well as the workout I love ticking it off my to-do list also! So if you do up a schedule and don't rely on motivation- you just do it cos that is on the list and it is your routine. 

    Anyways- well done lady, be proud! 

  • @Gemma Marston as Maeve says try the first five minutes of the workout and see what happens. More than likely you will finish it. 

    Also lay your workout clothes the night before. Have the water ready. So that way you are set up and ready to go despite how you might be feeling. 

    Try a class now. Pick a short one to do or a class that you enjoy. Try five minutes. See how you get on. Let us know. 💙🙂

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