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Feeling Disheartened | MaeveMadden

Feeling Disheartened

  • Hi Guys,

    I hope you are all good - I have been enjoying the workouts immensely.  But I stepped on the scales yesterday and my weight has not shifted - I feel so disheartened... I have been watching my food trying to be as healthy as I can during the week and having my treats at weekends .. Any tips as feeling very lost??

    Thanks x

  • Mary get rid of the scales!😬

    You will be building muscle and that will add weight. You could have water retention from the weekend. Measure yourself and take pictures. 

    I used to be so obsessed with the scales that I would weigh myself morning and evening. I would become disheartened like yourself - then one day I threw them out and never looked back. 

  • @Bronagh McKernan Thanks Bronagh, yes my best friend has told me to get rid of the scales ! and to take pictures also.. suppose I was tempted because I felt so good in myself but once I stepped on them iI felt very disheartened.. damn scales !! 

  • @Mary McGovern absolutely get rid of those scales, I feel amazing today, like really strong, really fit and I was in my other halves bthroom and was like ooo sclaes I must be like a stone lgihter than usual, hopped on and was like oh, lol im the same as last year, however if I compare myself to last year, I am soooo much fitter, stronger physically and mentally and happy in myself, this weight I am now must be my natural healthy happy weight.  Remember our natural weights are all different, even if we all did the same workouts and ate the same foods, we would still all look different, because we are all unique and you Mary are a Queen, so buck those scales out and maybe focus on feeling, how you feel in yourself, are you gonna let a stupid number on a scale annoy you.  NO NO, not today.  Mood diaries are great, photos are great too.. Focus on the bigger picture.  


  • Oh Mary, I'm another one saying get rid of the scales!  It's wild how much that second snapshot of our weight can dictate how you feel about yourself that day and beyond.  You are strong and taking care of your body every day - that's a huge success ❤️  There's such a myriad of reasons why that number hasn't changed or goes up/down but none of it represents your worth, fitness or body composition. Have a google of transformation pics where weight has not changed or has even gone up, but bodies are so much stronger, defined and healthier! 

    Personally, I now focus on how I feel and how clothes are fitting (pull out an old pair of jeans that used to be tight and give them a try!).  In the year run up to my wedding in 2017, I was meticulously calorie counting, over-exercising/undereating and just OBSESSSING, so I used to weigh myself every Wednesday and Saturday morning at 8am.  The number dictated my whole day - if it went down, I would momentarily feel happy, but then panic about 'undoing' the success so double-down, and if it went up, I felt awful and was so moody. About 6 weeks before the wedding, I realised I was waking up around 6 on Wednesdays and Saturdays with unbearable tummy pain and having such restless sleep anticipating the scales.  It was awful and now the scale is basically an antique gathering dust in my bathroom 😄  A number doesn't define us.  Sending you love, Queen!   

  • So true girls, last month I worked my ass of doing the classes and weighed myself at the end and omg I nearly dropped wen there was no difference, then my sister said try on them jeans u got at Xmas that didn't fit you and they did. I was so delighted. My scales are gone now 💁‍♀️

  • Agree - put the scales away! Mine is in the attic now because, like you, I just wanted to check thinking I must be down a good bit because of all the workouts, but no! It’s hard not to be affected by it even though we know it shouldn’t dictate. But a number really shouldn’t factor, focus on how well and strong you’re feeling, how tall (and queen-like 👑) you’re standing, and like the girls have suggested, if you want to try to find a top or pair of jeans that didn’t fit so well a while ago, you’ll see the progress there! Take care of yourself 😊

  • @Mary McGovern totally agree with all the girls. We should all get rid, a silly number on a scale doesn't define us. Try on some clothes in the wardrobe you haven't worn for awhile and let them show you all your hard work 😘 

  • Thank you girls for all the love <3 feeling so much better and can't wait to take on another workout this evening - the scales are no more !!!

  • @Mary McGovern I stopped weighing myself a long time ago and just go on how I feel and how my clothes feel on my body.  I feel strong both mentally and physically. I'm off work at the minute following maternity and these workouts are saving me from my anxiety. 

    But...I also made the mistake of stepping on the scales the other day at my mums and I did not see what I felt! lol 🤣 so sod that malarky never getting back on them.

    Keep concentrating on how you feel and Queen on😀x

  • The scales is nobody's friend as we all seem to agree on this post! Everybody's weight fluctuates all of the time. I have weighed myself in the morning and night time on the same day and "gained" 5 pounds in a day but this would have just been water weight from what I had eaten. There is no point in trying to achieve a certain (variable) number. I stopped weighing myself this year and it was the best decision that I could have made. As long as your clothes fit you and you are enjoying the workouts then nothing else matters. Keep up the good work - you're doing great ! 

  • Hi mary

    I am exactly the same as you but my food has been way off the last two weeks or more and I know that it's that but I am still doing the workouts and loving them and how strong I am getting!!

    I will say your weight fluctuates so much day to day depending on so many factors so try not to let it dishearten you too much and keep going with your workouts and if you want to track food and then maybe if you feel like it you can decide to weigh yourself once a week or month but maybe take measurements and pics and then compare them in a few weeks time and I am sure you will see progress 😊😊😊

  • Interesting reads as always from everyone. Yeah I agree, take pictures and measurements. Ask yourself how you are feeling. Are u more confident? Are u feeling good? Are u feeling energized? Are u feeling stronger? These are changes worth training for.

    Keep up the terrific work. You are doing great. 🙂💙👑

  • @Mary McGovern hi Mary. I have been the same for the last month doing 3 work outs a week (Instagram) and progressed to 5 workouts a week when I signed up to QDQ. I stepped on the scales this morning but it hasn't budged (I'm 14 and a half stone) . But what I will tell is this, I'm now intermediate to advanced on workouts, lung health has improved (asthmatic), I am stronger, my mind is a lot clearer and my shape has changed. I'm going to focus on how I am feeling over all and ditching the scales. Don't measure your happiness by the number on the scale look at what you have achieved so far. No doubt you're smashing it! Much love x

  • @Andrea McElroy amazing. This is just brilliant. Serious progress right there. You've got this girl. Well done. 

  • @Mary McGovern Queen say bye bye to the scales. Release the pressure ur putting on urself. Weight loss will not happen overnight. Yes we hear loads about people losing this much & that much in a week but what we don't hear is how they've put it back up again over the next few weeks-for me watching every single thing I eat becomes a chore. There is no enjoyment to be got from that Mary. I know I cld possible do with losing about 5lbs but I am having too much fun with what I am doing to worry or even sweat about it. It will come off I know it will & when I least expect it. Weight loss is about 80% diet or as I prefer to call it Healthy Eating & 20% Exercise & again as I prefer to call it Fun. Get up in the mornings, know what ur going to eat for the day stick with it. Increase ur water intake & get plenty of sleep & more importantly enjoy ur workouts because thats where we get our happy endorphins & when we have them all u want to do is keep going so u r constantly burning calories. So straighten that beautiful crown of urs queen & just enjoy ur journey & I promise u dreams will come through 👑👑👑❤️❤️❤️

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