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Friend for the next challenge | MaeveMadden

Friend for the next challenge

  • Hey Glorious Queens,

    I hope this doesn't sound creepy or weird, but I know Maeve mentioned it on Combat Queens today! 

    I have asked my friends to join loads but most of them either are not into fitness etc or don't like working out at home!! 

    So I am calling out for someone to maybe be my friend and help me along with the next challenge, it would be nice to have someone to talk to other than my partner! I really enjoyed the last challenge but I feel it would be nice to have someone and we can motivate each other! 😍😍 

    I feel like this is dating profile and I am trying to promote myself 😂😂 I'm from Ireland and was born in a small town in Wexford but now live in Dublin with my partner, I've been also trying for him to join me but he says it's too girlie!! 🤭🤭 I'm 29 and rarely make lives due to my work schedule, but will always make the Saturday live! 😁 Love all things beauty, skincare, hair etc, so we can talk that too if you want! 😂 

    Anyway girls, no pressure, just thought it would be a nice idea! 😄 

    Hope you all had a lovely Tuesday! 👑👑 Ruth x x x

  • @Ruth James Aw love this Ruth! To be honest I'm the same as you I've been trying to rope friends in for months but to no avail! We'll get each other through queen 😌👑

  • Lol I agree it's easier if you've someone to spur you on! Good on you! A few of my friends have now joined cos I raved on about it so much ☺️ I've connected with some of the lovely ladies on here and I'm sure u will too x feel free to chat to me anytime 

  • Dating profile hahaha love it lol!! I was on my own for a few weeks  but my two besties finally caved in after I talked about it non-stop! Lol!

    If you're on Instagram Ruth feel free to drop me a message @bethhaughian ☺️ I'll never refuse to talk about all things Team Queen lol!

  • @Ruth James hey Queen, count me in. I'm there anytime u nd.🙌🙌🙌👑👑👑❤️❤️❤️

  • I'm up for an accountability buddy 😀🙋‍♀️

    Really looking forward to the challenge 💪 I only caught the second half of the last one so I am excited to do one in full! 👑

  • Count me in 🙂

  • Love this! I'm definitely up for this too 😁

  • Such a great idea.. I'm in!!! My friends all love the country black workouts but I much prefer ours & my partner thinks it's too girly as well 🙄so count me in! 

    Rach xx 

  • Such a great idea, I'm in too! :)

  • I keep telling people but no one understands how amazing QDQ is! So I am in!

  • Love this! All my friends are the same - they don't get why I don't view exercise as torture haha 

    Always looking for someone to compare notes with, to keep me motivated and obviously a friendly face 👸

    Do we want to make a group chat on Instagram or something? Or keep this thread alive for more Queens to join us? xx

  • @Ruth James oh ruth I love this idea!! I haven't told my friends really only because this isn't there kind of thing at all and my boyfriend does his own home work out stuff - even though I think if he did try one of maeves work outs he'd definitely feel the spice 🔥 😂😂 I'm.on insta leonie_mcn would love to be part of this! Xx

  • @Tori Clarke we could have a group on Instagram? Might be easier & can keep each other motivated on there? 
    @Ruth James what would you prefer? X 

  • @Ruth James yes 100% count me in. I've been trying to get my friends or my mum to join and they have zero interest. Would love to have someone to chat all things QDQ with (and also up for all the beauty, skincare, fashion chat) and help keep each other motivated. 

  • @Ruth James I'm the same, no ones really into it or have their own thing they do!! So much fun having someone to help motivate you! Should add some of the queen's on insta if you have it, I'm sure there was a post earlier with some names etc. Mines is annah_148😊 and happy to chat along the way!! Xx

  • Ladies this is so nice! I can't wait until we have a real life festival and can all meet!

    I'm on Insta as vixie_pixie, have just added you @Annah Warrender 

  • @Tori Clarke a group chat is a great idea!

    My insta is @alvandal87 🙌

  • @Ruth James Hey Ruth, I'm in a similar situation my friends all do different home work outs & my boyfriend is defo getting sick of me talking about QDQ. The only lives I can do is Combat or Saturdays lives...I do the rest in my own time before/after work. Happy to chat all things QDQ or keep each other motivated 😊

    @Tori Clarke I'm up for a group chat - @stephbellew is my insta 😊

  • Hi Ruth! That's such a nice idea 🙂 None of my friends are on here either so it would be lovely to have a few workout buddies so we can cheer each other on during the new summer challenge! 

    My insta is _emilylori 

    Would love to make some new friends in this amazing community of Queens 🙌


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